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Still loving them kandi kids.

Photos by me (>^-^<)

OMG i see me lol




Inspired by this poem and this

Just gonna lay down for a bit…

I didn’t even watch Madoka and that hurt

The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.

"we’re hungry today"
- girlswhoswallow ⇋ kwg6034


"we’re hungry today"

- girlswhoswallow ⇋ kwg6034

I feel like a little kid who can’t sleep before going to disneyland…

Except im an adult woman who can’t sleep because shes excited for her well more adult play time tomorrow ;).

I have another playdate with Mr.M. It should be wonderful and full of sillyness and hotness as usual.

We also came to a kind of milestone in our friendship and connection and it is nice to know that the amount that I trust him is mutual, and he feels he can trust me just as equally. Its great feeling like I will get to have a special place in someone’s memory and new kinky experiences simply because I am trustworthy enough and also well sexually interested in said activities enough ;) As well as that he was open to me listing him as under his protection and possibly more on a public profile which along with said photos he intends to post of our fun ;), is a huge step in a direction that makes me very happy, for other then this blog, no one really knows that we are more then just normal friends ;).

He really is a great friend and is always looking out for me and there when i need someone, whether it be someone to talk to, or someone to fulfill horrible fantasies its nice, because all of it just comes naturally, with negotiations of course when it comes to actual play. But our friendship, our feelings it doesn’t have to be negotiated because we just know what we feel about each other, there’s none of that complicated, “what are we? are we this? or are we that?” No its just pure enjoying someone else for who they are and what they bring out in you. None of that messy relationship nonsense.

And no matter what happens between us from here on out I know thats one thing that will stay the same, the simplicity of the way we connect. Everything with him has always just been clear and simple, not because he is simple oh no he is far from that but because of the way he carries himself. And the way he goes about interacting with others. Its wonderful, I am so grateful to have met such, a man.